List Day

  • Counted three cars at the bar this morning
  • Feeling pretty run down
  • Altho, I'm functioning a bit better compared to Monday/Tuesday
  • I'm still easily distracted
  • The trees outside are starting to leaf out, and flowers are blooming everywhere
  • Saw a heron fly by my window
  • The three hours I spent renaming named cells yesterday was wrong....
  • The only way to fix them is to delete them and rename them
  • Got on the Wii last night, it has been 47 days since it last saw me
  • Won't buy this risotto rice again, it's awful
  • Still not sleeping well
  • This looks awesome


Donna Lee said...

That does look awesome. I am starting to need a new bag for work. The leather shopping bag I've used for years is wearing out. I will use it until the bitter end (cause I love it) but the writing is on the wall. I'm thinking a messenger bag might be the way to go this time around.

Roxie said...

I love big bags and I can not lie!

Glad you're feeling better. Rest hard this weekend.

Galad said...

Hope you are having a restful weekend!

Megan said...

I have a Rickshaw backpack and love it. My fiance has the messenger bag. It is perfect for carrying around a day's worth of stuff. Their customer service people are wonderful too. A great company all around.