List Day

  • Counted four cars at the bar this morning
  • Today is half a day, we've got dental appointments
  • Love this!
  • I ripped back on the color work hat and started it again
  • It's turning out better this time
  • I can't spell today, want an example? Christ is looking for you.... That was suppose to be Christy
  • No lovely colors in the sunrise, just glorious bright yellow sunshine
  • Night Owl was nice enough to come braid my hair before she left for the day
  • Any guesses to how she earned her name?
  • Dentist went well
  • Pool was nice


Donna Lee said...

And I thought people were supposed to be trying to find Christ.....

There are some glass faced buildings in Philadelphia that catch the morning sun and reflect it back as we go over the bridge in the morning. It starts out as gold early in March and by now in April, it's silver. It's beautiful.

Roxie said...

We just had the wettest March on record. April is following suit. What is this "sun" rise of which you speak?

Glad the dentist went well.

Have a swell weekend!

Galad said...

Love the yarn bowl - what a great idea!

Glad you survived the dentist and are one to the weekend. Have a good one.