Weekend Recap

I had a really good mother's day. The Eldest got me a bottle of wine. I drank half of it last night, and will finish off the other half tonight. Perky and Kommandant took me out to dinner. The first choice place had a line out the door. There was no way, I was going to wait that long for dinner. So we went to second choice place and had a nice Mexican platter, then everyone left the house for two-three hours leaving me alone. It was nice and quiet for a while.

Saturday was crafting and tea. I finished my first sock and started the second one. That was my only weekend knitting. Usually I work on Baby Bird's scarf, but instead I read. Started a book (Empire of Black and Gold) on Friday night and by Sunday I was 3/4ths done with it.

Anyway, that was my weekend, How was yours?

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