Well, so much for this post. I had quite a bit written out and then my computer shut down on me and everything is gone. :( So I'll try again.

I keep looking at these knitting bags, and wonder if I really need another bag. I like them, but I have a nice bag that I use. On the other hand, purple is my favorite color.

I'm not getting much knitting done at night. Mostly because Perky is sitting in the best light spot. Since she's recovering, I don't want to make her move, so I'm doing other things - playing computer games.

Last night, we watched the original Disney Beauty and the Beast. Perky picked the extended version and they added a whole new song. When the girls was young, I totally could dialog the whole movie. Today? Not so much.

This time of the year, I'm really electromagnetically charged. I'm sparking practically everywhere and it's annoying.

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