For the Fourth of July, we went to visit Grilltech's mom. On the road trip over, I pulled out a skein of Noro*. A pile of yarn barf came out of the middle, so I spent the time waiting for the meal showing up, trying to un-knot it. The meal arrived and I shoved everything into my bag. We ate, then drove another four hours to Portland. We get there and I got o pull out my knitting and wouldn't you know it? My needles had jumped out the bag in Pendleton. Crap!

So we pulled out the smart phones and found a local shop. I picked up some new yarn and another set of needles. During the three days we was there, I made it to the instep on the socks. Pretty good for not doing much.

On the way home, we stopped at the restaurant and ordered lunch. I was able to get my needle back. So I have an extra set. Which means I can start another project if I feel like it.

* I've determined Noro is the spawn of evil. No more of that stuff again.


Donna Lee said...

I am inclined to believe you about the Noro. Between the knots and the tangles, it's not worth it. The colors aren't THAT good.

Galad said...

I've never tried Noro because of the reports of knots and tangles. Good news that you got your needles back!