Weekend Recap

It was a nice weekend. The kids came over from Easter Dinner. We feasted, played games, and chatted a bit. Four person Mario is crazy. We kept getting into each other way and bumping them into a warp. (A long time ago, back when the Nintendo game system first came out, we would see a hole and tell the neighbor hood kids there's a warp down there. They'd die and they're turn would be over. Yes, it was mean of us, but it was funny.)

On Saturday, a group of us got together can did some crafting. I worked on Grilltech's sock - almost done with the instep. C hemmed a skirt. Night Owl worked on her socks - once she got there. And the Eldest started work on some earrings. It was quite the diverse group.

I called Grilltech's mom and chatted with her a bit. She'd like another pair of the knit socks, but for the life of me, I can't remember what I made hers from. I'm thinking it was red heart. I'll pick more up and get her a pair for Mother's day made. Birthday, Mother's day, whatever.

We still have some pizza left over. I meant to send that home with the Eldest, but didn't remember it. So I've got some pizza to eat before it goes bad. Poor me.

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Donna Lee said...

Those are the kind of get togethers I like. Everyone does their thing and there's conversation and showing off of progress. I can't get my girls to slow down long enough to sit together and craft.