Weekend Recap

Last night, I had an anxiety dream. I don't have the typical naked in math class ones, but one of them is long lines in the cafeteria. Not sure what that really means about me, but its disturbing. Tonight's upsetting dream had a long line of four people in it and a fifty foot space before the windows of food. I remember thinking, really? and just going around them. The guys got upset at me and was doing some pretty nasty screaming, but I shrugged it off. So, either I'm getting better at these dreams or the stress isn't as bad as I think.

Sunday was movie day. Perky lent us Big Hero 6. It was very cute. Then we watched 300 Rise of a Empire. I thought it was very bad, and I just might send it home with Perky. Because of watching something so bad, we watched Move Over, Darling. Then we watch My Life in Ruins. The last movie of the night was Throw Momma from the Train. It's amazing how such a simple movie can be so funny.

Saturday night was game weekend. While I do feel much better, the thought of herding cats just wasn't something I wanted to do. So it was board game night. The guys played something, I didn't venture in to find out. I stayed in the living room and worked on my sock. I finished it and started a on one for Grilltech. I managed to get a couple of inches done on his, before calling it a night.

For those of you who don't remember, herding cats:

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