Last One

Wow, my last post was in November. I know I've totally slipped on posting recently, but I didn't realize how bad. Christmas was good. It was at our house, since Perky had new roommates and she didn't want to have our family descend on the house.

Knitting has been slow. We got a new kitten at the end of October - I did post pictures right? She believes any moment of any type is grounds for pouncing. Which makes it pretty hard for me knit. Ruby is almost out of that stage, thankfully. So I'll be back knitting soon(TM).

I hope everyone has a safe and merry New Year's eve. I know we'll be partying it up. It doesn't get any more wild then board games and knitting.

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Galad said...

Sounds about as exciting as our New Year's Eve. I didn't even make it to midnight. Kittens and knitting are a challenging combination LOL. Hopefully it will be better soon.