Friday Night Game Recap

DB - Human Mage
Norco - Human Mage
Happy - Troll Tank
Rico - Human Merc
Crayon - Human Decker
Hawk - Elf Gun Slinger

Tuesday morning around 5:00 am the party started winding down. Norco slept at the docks in his car. Everyone else drove home. Hawk was followed for a while, but not pulled over. Happy was given a ride home by Rico, when Rico tried to charm his way into Happy's place he was given the cold shoulder.

About 10 am, Happy's other phone started chirping. Lady Jane informed Happy she had an appointment at Kleinfeld's at 2:00 pm. Don't miss it.
Once Happy made it to Kleinfeld's, she was measured everywhere. Then the trying on clothes started. After three hours, Happy picked three dresses and new armored jacket, only to freak out at the total. When she tried to back out and only get one, another phone call happened and Happy ended up spending well above her limit.
Hawk went about his day like normal.

DB spent the rest of his night at a "friend's" house.

About 4PM Norco realized he needed to call Angela Woods. When he did, he reached Ever After Productions and was put right through. Angela quizzed Norco on if he was really sure, he was up for anything, because he seemed pretty uptight. After some reassurances on Norco's part Angela told him to meet Don Johnson at La Petite Chateau.

Since the place sounded fancy, Norco went and purchased some nice clothes. He showed up at the restaurant early only to realize, it was black tie, not causal. When he tried to buy the valet's tie, Norco was told he could rent a tie for 30 nuyen in the Chateau. Once meeting the dress code, Norco was ushered back to a private room where he met Mr. Johnson. The job at hand at simple, exchange three hard drives for three others. The pay was 20K, but Norco being shrewd, talked Johnson up to 40K.

The team jumped into action. Crayon figured out the company was in an A security rated neighborhood. Knight Errant response time was minutes and one of the sales team out was until Monday. DB and Norco did a magical scan of the place and found it was clean. Crayon found out the owner of the five story building was Steed.
The next day about Crayon, Norco and DB went to SolaTech claiming to have an appointment with the salesman who was out on vacation, after a couple of minutes DW Tripp showed up and brought them into the conference room. After a 15 minute presentation on why SolaTech was the place to host their server, DW took the team on a tour of the server room. DW boasted "we have 24/7 security" and "we can have our deckers design your web site if needed". There was a total of two cameras in the general work area and three in the server room. The door was FOB access both in and out.

The team left with a promise to look at the contracts and let DW know if they'll take a slot or not. While they were leaving Crayon over heard the receptionist telling someone "No, you don't need to make an appointment, you can show up anytime you'd like. Yes, 8 PM would be fine."
For some reason, Crayon couldn't figure out which server was which in the room, but did have a general idea of where server 5 was. So it was suggested by Norco that they mug DW and he mind probe him to get the required data. Happy volunteered to do the mugging, but didn't want her face to be the one seen. So DB went over and made her look like an Asian male.

About 5:30 PM, DW leaves the office, and heads to the parking garage. While there was heavy foot traffic on the sidewalk, the parking garage was empty. DW must have known something was up because before he reached the door, he turned and asked Happy if there was something he wanted. Happy reached out to grab DW, screaming "What did those people want from you today?" Norco turned on the mind probe and the overwhelming thought was "oh god, oh god, I want away from here." DW managed to dodge Happy's grip and made it up another stair. Norco concentrated and got the server information. Happy interrupted DW's action to try to grab him again, but tripped and fell on the stairs. DW saw his chance and ran for the door and his freedom. Norco radioed up that what was needed, there was no reason to chase DW further.

The team still seemed to be at a loss of what to do, when Crayon mentioned someone was showing up at 8 PM tonight. If they could get in along with that person, then part of their problem was solved. Rico commented why not show up as a cleaning crew? Happy, Hawk, Norco, and Rico went to buy blue jump suits and cleaning supplies. It ran the team about 500 nuyen. While they were doing that Crayon forged some fake orders for them to be at SolaTech at 7:45 PM. He then inserts into the SolaTech matrix. Norco wanted to be disguised, because he knew the layout and didn't want to be on tape as showing up again. DB turned Crayon invisible, so he could do the work without being seen.

At 7:45 PM Rico, Happy, Hawk, Norco, and Crayon try to get into SolaTech. The security guard points to the FOB reader, Rico knocks on the door again and holds up his pocket sectary. The guard comes over and asks what is going on. In broken English, Rico states "new cleaning crew, here to clean." The guard takes the sectary and locks the door, he checks it against the orders on the system and sure enough they match. So he lets the team in.

At 8:00 PM the tech showed up and went into the server room. Crayon followed him in, but in his haste brushed up against the tech. The tech stopped and looked around, but couldn't see anyone. Shrugging he went to work. 45 minutes later he leaves the room. Crayon jumps into action. Starting with server 13 (Halcon Manufacturing) he quickly swapped out the drive. Crayon then moved to server seven (StreetMed) and took a bit longer to swap that drive out. Finally he went to server 22 (Zippy Quik Couriers) and finished the job. Crayon then radioed the team he was done.

Rico took a bunch of dishes and put them in the microwave. Entered 20 minutes on the clock and walked away. Less than 30 seconds later sparks are flying and smoke is billowing from the machine. The fire alarm starts going off and the security guard comes running. Once again in Rico's broken English he starts explaining how he was drying the dishes. The guard was annoyed, but took him at his word. Meanwhile, Crayon overrides the door and lets himself out of the server room, then the offices. The cleaning crew finishes up and leaves the office.

Norco calls his Mr. Johnson and lets him know the job is done. Mr. Johnson arranges for a meet the next morning for dropping off the drives and payment for services. Since the job was done so fast, Johnson gave a bonus of 5K. Norco, didn't tell the team about the bonus, but is uncomfortable just out and out keeping it. So maybe he'll start a team fund.

Karma Award: 3 points

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