Drive by Posting

I've been taking a mood stabilizer drug. It's been a life saver because I didn't realize how bad I was, until I wasn't. The down side? I couldn't come up with a sales pitch for the twelve days of snacks at work. Nothing. Not sure if it's really the medication or just an off day on my part.

So, what have I been doing? Work (dull) and knitting (exciting). I've been working on my heel scarf - past halfway point. I've got another set of socks for Grilltech going - blue Dragons. When I get a picture of them, you'll understand (blue's breathe lightening.) I ripped back on my sweater. I decided to go with a scope neck and bound off. Then I completed the yoke and tried it on. To say, I was flashing the world more then I should have been was an understatement. I'm back close to being semi-done but the sweater is in time out. I'll pick it up soon, because I want to work on a scarf. I know, a scarf (RAV).

That's my excitement. Hope yours is just as thrilling.


Sandra said...

Exciting life. SOunds JUST like mine! Looking forwrd to seeing dragon socks.

Galad said...

Glad you are seeing some benefit from the medication. I'm voting off day. How creative can one really be about 12 days of snacks.

Yes, need pictures of the dragon socks.

Roxie said...

Hooray for modern medicine! And isn't it amazing how things actually fit when you "finish" and put them on? Gauge is a filthy, filthy liar!