Grilltech and I have a bet going on about ten movies. We each pick five movies, which start between the dates of April 24th and September 6th. The goal is to make the most money opening weekend. Who ever wins, gets a nice present. It was randomly decided I got to pick the first movie. (He did it on his phone, so there was no chance of me cheating.)

Star Trek into Darkness Mine (17 May 2013)
Iron Man 3 His (3 May 2013)
Man of Steel Mine (14 June 2013)
Pacific Rim His (12 July 2013)
Planes Mine (9 August 2013)
Fast and Furious 6 His (24 May 2013)
Despicable Me 2 Mine (3 July 2013)
Monsters University His (21 June 2013)
Turbo Mine (17 July 2013)
After Earth His (7 June 2013)

Go see a movie this summer. I need a nice present.....


Roxie said...

Well, I DO prefer your choices, so I'll do what I can to help. Except for IronMan3. Gotta catch that one!

Sandra said...

Good choices. But I have to say I have an totally inappropriate "thing" for Robert Downey Jr., so I would have gone Iron Man 3 first. But Star Trek... hmmm... can't miss with a Star Trek movie!