List Day

  • I counted two cars at the bar this morning
  • Yesterday was cookie making day, it looked like a cookie grenade went off in my living room
  • Hey Perky, did you see this?
  • There are no words (RAV)
  • It's pretty windy out there
  • T2 dropped his pad and shattered the glass, he'll be stopping by the repair place on the way home tonight
  • I really should know better than to read gushy stories while PMSing, I don't need to cry at work
  • The wind is really kicking up out there
  • You know, I hate babysitting adults. So don't make me have to nag you
  • Work day is over, now I get to go home and knit
  • I counted six cars at the bar Friday morning
  • I finished my Christmas knitting
  • I know, pictures or it doesn't count
  • The traffic around the mall was CRAZY
  • I've got to make a plain cheese cake and I don't want too
  • Uggy is making it known it is good food night, very loudly and vigorously


Galad said...

I've successfully avoided the mall and the big box stores so far this year. I'm sure ours are crazy too!

Looking forward to pictures of the Christmas knitting. Hoping to get mine up today or tomorrow.

Sandra said...

no words indeed. Not sure that would make my queue...